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Rumor: Fish to the Jazz for Brown, McLeod, and Owens

From Steve Luhm of The Salt Lake Tribune:

The Jazz and Golden State plan to pull the trigger on a four-player trade that would bring veteran point guard Derek Fisher to Utah.

The Salt Lake Tribune has learned - barring an unexpected hitch - the Jazz will send Devin Brown, Keith McLeod and Andre Owens to the Warriors in exchange for Fisher, a 10-year veteran.

The deal will be completed after Owens signs a free-agent contract with the Jazz next week - a step that is necessary to make the trade adhere to NBA salary requirements.

Brown, McLeod, Owens probably won't help the Warriors, so this trade would be a little puzzling. If this trade is to dump salary or to open up more time for Monta Ellis as a backup point, then there are some positives. In the short run, this trade actually hurts the Warriors. Are they tanking it for Yi?

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Do you like this Fish trade to the Jazz?

99% of rumors never happen, but 99% of them are fun to talk about!

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