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Done Deal: Chandler to Hornets for PJ and JR

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The Tyson Chandler sweepstakes are over and the Hornets are the winners. The Warriors will have to look elsewhere for a big man who can contribute. The Hornets gave up PJ Brown and JR Smith, two expiring contracts, for Chandler.

The ability to deal away Chandler, who has five years and $54 million left on his contract, was crucial for the Bulls in their pursuit of Ben Wallace. They likely couldn't have offered Wallace as much as they did -- nearly $60 million over four years -- without receiving Brown's much friendlier contract in return.
After the signing up Big Ben, the Bulls were probably looking more for a way to dump salary than to upgrade their team, i.e. trading for Murphy. Did the Warriors really have a chance at Chandler? We'll never know, but having drafted POB with Biedrins and Foyle there already, Chandler probably wasn't a big enough upgrade at the position anyways to put this team near the playoffs.

Are you disappointed? Did you want Chandler on the team?

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