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2005-2006 REPORT CARD: Derek Fisher

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If you haven't heard already, Derek Fisher is going to be traded to the Utah Jazz for Devin Brown, Andre Owens, and Keith McLeod. Before he's officially gone on July 12th, we're going to grade out Derek Fisher. He's next up in the list of Warrior report cards. (Keep in mind, these grades were done before he was traded)

Check out some interesting analysis before the trade was complete:
MVN: The City - Derek Fisher to the Jazz?

So what does this move do for the Warriors? It's a salary dump, plain and simple.
Hoopsworld -Utah Jazz/Golden State Warriors Trade in the works...
It's obviously a great move for Utah and a questionable one for Golden State

And some news after it was clear that the trade is going down:
Jazz to Acquire Fisher from the Warriors
Jazz reportedly agree to take Fisher from the Warriors
Jazz agree to deal for Warriors' Fisher

The day we overpaid for Kobe's sidekick. (Photo: Photobucket)

Never found a shot he didn't like. (Photo: BestSportsPhotos)

Definitely check out what FiveTenEntertainment, a commenter on this site, did as a tribute to Fisher. Props to FiveTenEntertainment. The BIG tribute song playing in the background nearly made me shed a tear.

Overall Grade: B

Atma Brother #1 (Grade: B)
If there's one thing Fish learned from Kobe in LA it's how to be a ball hog and jack up ridiculous shots. Fish routinely would get blown by quicker guards this season too. Still, Derek Fisher played out of his mind and to his maximum potential. He'd be a good role player for teams like the Spurs and Pistons or even as a backcourt mate to Kobe in LA.

DJ Fuzzylogic (Grade: B)
A solid jump shooter and back up.  Calling him trigger happy would be an understatement.  Playing with Kobe and Shaq back in the day has made him delusional about his real skill.  Was surprised by his low shooting percentage given that's what he has been touted for.  Yet has leadership qualities that this team sorely needs.

Fantasy Junkie (Grade: B+)
When Baron went down, Fish came in and stepped up for the Warriors as the lead point guard. He put up nice numbers and played well considering he's a two guard in a point guard's body. The season could have been really ugly if he wasn't around. He's still got problems though, poor shot selection and can't run an offense, but for this season I was happy with his play.

Hash (Grade: B-)
As a backup point, Fish wasn't all that bad. I just wish that he would stop shooting so many damn 3's and take more risks creating plays for others. In the rare instances that Fish actually did create plays, he was brilliant. There's more in there. I know it.

YaoButtaMing (Grade: B)
Gritty, heart, passion. Why wouldn't you like him? Oh I know ... he somehow thinks he can be the next Kobe when Baron and Rich are on the bench. EARTH TO FISHER ... pass the damn ball!!!!

What's your grade for DFish?

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