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Rumor: Warriors Inquiring about Chris Wilcox

From Percy Allen of The Seattle Times:

According to one NBA source, as many as nine teams have contacted the Sonics about Wilcox, but general manager Rick Sund has declined to seriously entertain each offer.

Golden State is believed to be the latest team to inquire about Wilcox, but discussions with Seattle ended quickly because the Sonics are hoping to land an All-Star forward in return.

An All-Star forward? Not only do the Warriors not have one, but if the Sonics are expecting an All-Star in exchange for Wilcox they're out of their minds. Wilcox is not worth even close to an All-Star. One of the major knocks on Wilcox when he was a Clipper was that he had trouble running plays and grasping the mental part of the game. Let's hope those critiques are untrue and that the Warriors don't make some ridiculous trade for an unproven commodity. At this point, trading Troy Murphy for Chris Wilcox in a sign-and-trade would be a big mistake.

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What would you give up for Chris Wilcox?

99% of rumors never happen, but 99% of them are fun to talk about!

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