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Rumor: Warriors Might Just Dump Murphy and Foyle's Contracts

This rumor comes via one of our loyal Golden State of Mind readers who is connected to some sources for CNNSI (paraphrasing):

The Warriors are finding themselves in big trouble as the NBA trade market is slowly closing and they have been unable to make a significant move to upgrade their roster. If Mullin cannot broker a good deal, the Warriors might just dump Murphy and Foyle's contract for some future cap space. The best case scenario would be for Mullin to find a suitor who is interested in Air France's (Mickael Pietrus) services and get them to eat up Foyle or Murphy's contract.

Would you call the summer a success if the Warriors dumped Adonal Foyle or Troy Murphy's contract simply to free up cap space and tank it for the loaded 2007 NBA Draft (maybe even grab Yi!)?

It's the dreaded "R" word that we are all too familiar with in Warrior land. How can you be in the rebuilding stage for 12 (going on 13) years? Only if you're building suck...

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99% of rumors never happen, but 99% of them are fun to talk about!

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