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Rumor: Bet on Harrington to the Warriors

From Tim Kawakami (the West Coast Peter "fictional" Vescey) of the SJ Mercury:

Hey, wait, I'm here anyway, so let's take a shot: The Warriors appear to be reasonably close to acquiring Harrington from Atlanta in a sign-and-trade deal, though weird complications can always obliterate such a transaction.

"Give us a few days,'' Mullin said when I asked him in general about the likelihood of any deal in the near future.

Kawakami usually makes some of the most outlandish and unattainable predictions for Bay Area sports teams. He's always entertaining, but if he's predicting that Al Harrington will sign with the Dubs later this week, then you can be pretty certain it's not going to happen.

Are you worried about the Kawakami Kurse? Does this mean that Al's not going to be a Warrior?

For more on Al "Lipton" Harrington see:

99% of rumors never happen, but 99% of them are fun to talk about!

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