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2006-2007 Warriors Schedule Released

The NBA has released it's full 2006-2007 schedule. *Shockingly* the Warriors did not make the NBA's list of Ten to Watch.? has the complete schedule for the Dubs this season.

Mark your calendars for Wednesday November 1st. The Warriors will be hosting the LA Fakers in Oakland. $10 says the Warriors interior holds the "deadly combo" of Kwame Brown and Chris Mihm to under 45 points. After returning from a blowout loss in Game 7 against the Suns, in which many including Charles Barkley questioned his 2 shot attempts in the 2nd half, Kobe Bryant will be looking to start the season of with a bang. You'd be lying if you didn't think he was going to try to top 81.

The real 2005-2006 NBA MVP comes to town on Nov 1st.

If you don't live the Bay Area and you don't have a SlingBox or NBA League Pass, unfortunately (or fortunately- however you want to spin it) you're a little out of luck if you want to the see Warriors. Last season the Warriors were on national TV 7+ times (anyone remember the exact number?), but this year the Dubs are only on 3 times (not including NBATV):

  • Kings vs Warriors November 16th on TNT (let's hope Reggie Miller isn't doing the color commentary)
  • Bulls vs Warriors February 9th on ESPN (let's hope Tom Tolbert aka Mr. T is doing the color)
  • Suns vs Warriors March 29th on TNT (think we'll be rooting for more lottery balls?)

What are the chances that this happens again on March 29th on national TV?

Personally, I like watching the national commentators do a Warriors game every now and then. Not that Bob Fitzgerald and Jim Barnett aren't great and knowledgeable, but it's nice to have a new perspective on the team. Remember, unlike the national TV commentators, Fitz and Barnett are employees of the Warriors. If they're too critical they'll get the axe like the great Marv Albert did from the Knicks a few years back. Marv got fired... FROM DOWNTOWN!

We have grown tremendously this past summer and many of you have not seen what Golden State of Mind is like during the regular season. Let's just say we've got the best Warriors Game Previews/ Open Threads and Recaps in the business! Win or lose our previews, recaps, and the discussion in the comments are always a fun, entertaining, and insightful read. If the community is this much fun during the offseason in August just imagine how much fun it is during the season!

It's been a tough off season for Warriors Nation, but let's focus on the positive. What are you looking forward to most on opening day for the Warriors?

Also see jdotcob's (the genius behind the name Golden State of Mind name) Diary This year's schedule

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