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Yi is FIBA's Interview of the (Long)Week

yi-interview.jpg   Thanks to The Yi Movement, Chinese big man Yi Jianlian is rapidly approaching Bay Area icon status. If Bay Area lengend wasn't a lofty enough goal for Yi, he's also the FIBA Interview of the week.

Yi's got a great attitude:

"We don´t worry about our opponents," Yi said. "We just prepare as much as we can. It makes no difference who we face, even if it´s Team USA. We prepare to show the best we can do."

The NBA looks like it's on Yi's horizon on 2k7:

"To play in the NBA," Yi said, "that is the dream of any player."

"I hope one day, I can do that too."

On a side note, I know international hoops rules differ from the NBA, but I never knew that FIBA had different time frames for how long a week was. Yi is still listed as the Interview of the Week on Fiba's home page even though it took place on March 3, 2006. I've heard of long weekends, but damn- that's a LONG WEEK!

Don't sleep on The Yi Movement!

Where do you think GSoM community favorite Yi Jianlian will get drafted in the 2k7 NBA Draft?
Top 3? Top 5? Lottery? Middle of the 1st round? Late 1st rounder?

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