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Take it to the House! We want Eddie House!

If you watched the Warriors for more than a Bay Area minute last season then you saw a lot of construction work taking place with all those bricks. Whether it was Mike Dunleavy whiffing from 3-point land, Andris Biendrins making us cringe with his "twangs" off the backboard on free throws, Adonal Foyle missing wide open layups, Derek Fisher do his best Kobe impersonation or Baron Davis taking some ill-advised 3's early in the shot clock- It was BRICK CITY. Last season the Warriors had the 3rd worst FG% in the league, the 5th worst FT% and a bottom-tier trifecta accuracy. The Warriors just couldn't shoot. For a team that can't defend that spells disaster.


Enter Bay Area product/ sharpshooter/ free agent Eddie House. The Nets are reportedly trying to get Eddie on the cheap. How cheap? Minimun salary cheap. For a guy who can shoot (with the Kings in 2004-05 he hit 45.2% from downtown and 92.9% from the charity stripe), under a million dollars by NBA standards is some serious low-balling.

Is there any reason whatsoever why the Warriors aren't after Eddie? It would cost pennies on the dollar to help solve one of the Warriors' obvious weaknesses. Plus the man's from the Haystack (Hayward)! Cal has 63 reasons to regret passing up on Eddie. Let's hope the Warriors wise up and don't pass him up.

Chris and Rod- it's time to take it to the house!

Track of the Day: Trick Daddy- "Take It to Da House"

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