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2005- 2006 REPORT CARD: Andris Biedrins

Year 2 of the Biedrins experiment pretty much went like Year 1, lots of fouls and missed free throws. He did have a stretch of about 10-15 games where he played well and his hustle paid off, but the rest of the time he struggled. Let's see how his third year turns out and if he breaks the "project" label.



Airballing Free Throw by lebronjamesfo3

Maybe Biendrins should shoot free throws with 60 year old Bob (soccoolbob)

Overall Grade: D-

Atma Brother #1 (Grade: D)
Back to back seasons of 4 points and 4 rebounds? The only part of Andris' game that has improved is his free throws... if you're rooting for the other team that is. I know 5th graders who have better form on their free throws and jump shots. Biedrins is on pace to be the next Adonal Foyle... and not for the community work.

DJ Fuzzylogic (Grade: F)
Am I the only one who thinks Biedrins is Jeff Foster at best--a rebounding machine @ best?  Is that all we expect and what we consider to be "star potential" now for skinny 6'10 and taller dudes in the league?  His great hands and agility in the post are a great asset to this team, yet he is still incredibly unpolished and has absolutely no finesse 3 feet beyond the basket.

Fantasy Junkie (Grade: D)
I think you know how I feel about this guy, the one minute man. While he improved slightly, he still has shown me nothing. He played well in a few games but never kept it going consistently.

Hash (Grade: D-)
Terrible free throw shooting and a fouling machine. At least there's room for improvement! He would get chewed up and spit out in the postseason. (Assuming we ever get there.)

YaoButtaMing (Grade: C) Heart. This guy can bring it. Maybe one of the only members of the warriors willing to dive for a ball or do the dirty work. Gotta love a guy for that! Not as good as the Janitor, but not getting paid like one either!

What did you think of Biedrins last year?

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