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Good(en) Deal for Cavs Exposes Bad Deals for Warriors

Bay Area product Drew Gooden and the Cleveland Lebrons have reportedly agreed on a 3 year contract at about $23 million. That works out to a little over $7.5 million a season. The Cavs got a steal here for a player who does the little things, has the potential to be a rebounding force, and has yet to reach him prime.

Compare Gooden's shorter and cheaper reported contract to Mike Dunleavy's 5 year deal at almost $9 million a year and Troy Murphy's at almost $10 million a year and you're basically comparing a franchise that has a clue to one that doesn't. We won't even get into Foyle's deal.

Also check out mydedgerbil555's diary harringtons gone go for gooden for some more great GSoM community discussion on bringing Drew Gooden back to the Bay.

Gooden's key in the key. (photo Garrett W. Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images)

How do you think Gooden's contract stacks up against Dunleavy's and Murphy's? Should he be getting more money?

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