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Mickael Pietrus According to FIBA + The +'s of MP2

From Mickael's FIBA profile:

Career: Pau-Orthez (France-Pro A, 1998-2003), Golden State Warriors (2003-06).

One of the flashiest players to ever come out of Europe. Like his brother Florent, Mike's story is as sad as it is beautiful. Born and raised in Guadeloupe, Micka?l became an orphan very young. He came to Pau-Orthez as a teenager where he found a family.

Unbelievably athletic, Mike is a streaky shooter. But he's a nightmare for those facing his defensive pressure. Pietrus has already won three medals with France. In 2000, he won the juniors title. In 2002, he finished third at the U-20 tournament. And last but not least, he earned the Bronze medal last year at the EuroBasket. Pietrus has had three rocky seasons with the Golden State Warriors, marked by promising sparks but also by injuries and inconsistency.

Mickael deserves a lot of credit for making it this far and overcoming some serious obstacles. Some of our inside sources within the Warriors have told us that he's the jokester on the team and that he's really fun to hang out with.

Pietrus struggled last season with some injuries and sporadic playing time. He's still learning how to play the game, but let's focus on his positives:

He's got some major hops!

Just like Mickael, when his bro takes it to the rack, he's fearless!

He can pretty much drive past anyone with his speed!

Mickael always hypes up the crowd!

He's always enthusiastic!

Despite the ups and downs of his 3 years with the Dubs, MP2 still has tremendous upside. He's my candidate for the next Warrior most likely to blow up to All Star levels on another team. Pair him up with a solid head coach and some savvy veterans, give him a well defined role with some consistent playing time, and Pietrus will really shine.

What's your favorite part of Mickael's game? Let's keep this thread focused on MP2's pluses.

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