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Rick Barry Leaves KNBR

(Photo: AP)

This comes as shocking news to me. Rick Barry has left his co-hosted afternoon talk show on KNBR 680, the Warriors flagship station. Apparently his contract was ending in a month and he had his sights set on doing something else. The CC Times is reporting that the split was friendly. A large part of the breakup was due to his wariness of the current KNBR management which changed hands a few months ago.

"I was doing the best work of my career when I had TV work (with Turner Sports), and I lost my job. Why? A new guy was brought in (to run things)," Barry said. "When (KNBR) was sold, I said, 'God only knows what's going to happen.'"

Personally, I enjoyed his show because he always told it just like he felt. He never tried to sugarcoat anything which I'm sure rubbed some people the wrong way. If you tuned in during his show you were guaranteed to hear Rick and Rod Brooks (his co-host) arguing, entertainingly and intelligently I might add, about various sports-related topics. Rick's insight into the perspective of an NBA player was valuable, and he also showed that he knew the game very well with his on-point analysis. Anyways, we wish him the best in whatever he does.

But what does this mean for Rick Barry? Is he leaving to explore opportunities in coaching or player evaluations? What about commentating on tv?

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