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Summer Blockbuster Movie: Monty in Motion

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(Photo: Championship Productions)

While just randomly searching around the web, I came across this jewel of a video. It's proof that Monty really does know the game of basketball, Mike Montgomery: Five Man Motion & the Stack Offense.

If you're ready to become a pupil of Coach Montgomery, watch the clip. Actually don't, it's a really crappy clip, so unless you're really bored, check it out. Basically, it's Monty talking at center court for 30 seconds about nonsense. What's worse is that it appears as if he's at some college coaching clinic for Stanford but Mickael Pietrus is on the cover. Who thought that this marketing strategy was a good idea? I took a couple econ classes, none of which had to do with marketing, but I think I could have put together a better marketing plan than this. This should be a lesson in how NOT to market a product. I'll break it down...

Ingredient 1: Monty talking for 30 seconds. Monty isn't exactly gifted in the charisma and charm departments.

Ingredient 2: Put the wrong player on the box cover. Isn't it weird why Pietrus is on the box cover with the words above him "Five Man Motion" referring to running an offense. Pietrus is known more for standing still on the perimeter for a 3, not a motion offense. If Monty's video gets all of your players to move around on offense like MP2, well, you might have some problems.

Sprinkle in back to back 34 win seasons, and you have yourself a winner.

Check out some of these quotes:

Considered one of the most innovative coaches in basketball today, Montgomery gives an excellent demonstration on how you can build your five-man motion offense.
Whether you run motion or the stack, this offensive tape can provide excellent schemes to obtain high percentage shots!

Ahhh yes, just what we need, high percentage shots. For a team that shot 20% on the season, a change in offensive philosophy might help.

I wonder if the video teaches you how to deal with a highly talented starting point guard who you have a difficult time communicating with and rarely listens to what you have to say.

He needs to release his next DVD, "How to make millions while doing poorly at your job." I'd buy that for sure.

As much as I make fun of this, I'm genuinely interested in watching the video.

It's crazy the things you find on the Internet sometimes.

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