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2005-2006 REPORT CARD: Ike Diogu

The rook, Ike Diogu, selected #9 last year was billed as the next Elton Brand, the next Danny Fortson, or somewhere in between. His long arms and advanced skills in the post had fans excited about mixing him in with JRich, BD, and Murph. The season was a disappointment, but his growth this offseason and a full training camp has me excited about what he's going to bring this coming year. But first, let's grade him out for last year.


Ike Diogu Mix by nes1us

Overall Grade: B-

Atma Brother ONE (Grade: B)
Make no mistake Ike's low post game is polished like Armor Oil. If Ike checks into the Charles Barkley school of rebounding and works on his defense this offseason, he could be a viable starting power forward in the NBA for years to come.

DJ Fuzzylogic (Grade: B+)
He is clearly offensively skilled.  His footwork on the block looks so smooth you would think he was an extra in "You Got Served."  His stunted development, I believe is in part due to the perimeter game that wasn't working and perhaps the spotty playing time.  Needs work on defense though.

Fantasy Junkie (Grade: B-)
I think the injury to begin the season which forced him to miss parts of training camp affected his whole season. At times he looked lost, overmatched, and lazy. When he decided to hustle good things happened. Good things didn't happen often enough for him. He didn't rebound exceptionally well nor play defense. The only thing I was impressed with was his scoring ability.

Hash (Grade: B-)
I like Ike. For a rook, he showed some serious glimmers of potential. Unfortunately, most of that was at the end of the season when nothing mattered. Still, there's something wild in this one. We will be watching your career with great interest, young Skywalker.

YaoButtaMing (Grade: C-)
What exactly did he do this year? So much hope on this guy and I actually like his game but I haven't seen it yet. I think he had one or two good games but let's start playing him more to see his true talent.

What's your grade for Ike?

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