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Sonics Ink Chris Wilcox to a "Show-Me Signing"

Chris Wilcox and the (San Jose) Sonics came to terms on a 3 year- $24 million deal. It's a reasonable deal on par with Drew Gooden's.

Steve Kelley of The Seattle Times offers a great analysis of the Wilcox deal:

This is a show-me signing. It is a contract earned over very few games in non-pressure situations. It was a contract based on Wilcox's potential and based on the belief that he can play as hard for 82 games as he did during his salary drive of 29 games when he averaged 14.1 points and 8.2 rebounds a game for Seattle.

Rick Sund and the rest of the Sonics' front office deserve a lot of credit for this "show-me signing". They didn't foolishly give a talented, yet unproven player Nene-money (who ever thought that would be in our lexicon?) and they didn't burden themselves with a long-term, lucrative contract based mostly on potential a la Mike Dunleavy. If the Cavs and Sonics for some reason regret these recent deals, they essentially have 2 year deals with the final 3rd year providing them with a valuable trading asset. Nice work by the Cavs and Sonics!

Oh wait- this is a Warriors blog. We're supposed to cheer on the Warriors. Nice work by the Warriors by not offering restricted free agents Gooden and Wilcox max offer sheets! Baby steps... We'll easily be in the playoffs within another short 12 years! The arena will be rocking! Can you imagine what GSoM would be like if the Warriors were in the playoffs?

Also check out norcaldevilasu's diary Wilcox signs for 3 years 24 million for more on the signing.

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