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The Summer of Silence

Chad Ford of ESPN Insider wrote an article about five teams who should have had a big summer but ended up with little to show for it. Surprisingly (ahem), the Warriors made the list.

They should make a permanent and honorary seat for the Warriors.

The season started as one of hope, but we all know how that ended. After just finishing therapy to block out the nightmare of last season, Chad Ford brings it all back up as he sets the scene for his Warriors breakdown.

Mullin went into the summer vowing to change the team's chemistry around, but three months later ... the Warriors look the same.

He then discusses the dilemma that Mullin is apparently struggling with, develop the young guys or trade them for proven players.

The Warriors' problem is that they continue to remain on the fence between winning and development. As always, they have a number of talented young players (Monta Ellis, Mickael Pietrus, Andris Biedrins, Diogu and rookie Patrick O'Bryant) in the pipeline. They don't want to trade them.

However, their veterans, with the exception of Jason Richardson, are virtually untradeable. Mullin is guilty for most of the bad contracts. He vastly overpaid Murphy, Dunleavy and Adonal Foyle, limiting his ability to make changes to his team. A number of GMs have told me they've been offered all three, but no one will touch them. The word around the league is that Davis is also available, but given his injury history and rep as a chemistry killer, no one will touch him.

And he ends with perhaps the most sobering paragraph of them all.

If the Warriors can't trade the millstones that are dragging them down (those four are still owed a combined $182 million over the course of their Golden State careers) and refuse to trade the young talent that can't get them anywhere yet, then Warriors fans can rest assured that another 30- to 35-win season is coming.

It's not that I expect them to make the playoffs this year, but it's not easy being a Warrior fan. I just hope the playoffs will be that much sweeter when (if?) they do come.

Are you surprised at the lack of activity in the offseason?

For more on Mullin, make sure to check out Humm-Baby's: Mull It Over article on Mullin's better days as a Warrior and also Humm-Baby's comparison of Isiah and Mullin. By the way, we're big fans of Humm-Baby, another Bay Area site. If you haven't seen the site yet, definitely, definitely go for a read.

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