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2005-2006 REPORT CARD: Baron Davis

BDiddy. Boom Dizzle. BD. Baron. Barren. Boom Fizzle. Whatever you want to call him, Baron Davis was the undeniable leader of this team when the season started. Now that the season is over, the love-fest has subsided and a lot of negativity has been pointed towards Baron because of his play and the team's win-loss record. Read on to find out how we graded Baron on his play this past season. And make sure to leave your grade in the comments section.

He's as athletic as anyone... (Photo:

Has a flair for the fancy... (Photo:

And dunks on 400 pound former All-Stars. (Photo : Gregory Shamus/NBAE/Getty Images)

Is it just me or does this photo remind you of anything? (Photo:

Baron Davis Mix by nes1us (featuring the unfortunate Warriors anthem 93 til' Infinity by the mighty Souls of Mischief)

Overall Grade: B-

Atma Brother #1 (Grade: B)
You know a guy is skilled when he's second in the league in assists in an off year. As the season progressed his shot selection worsened and his confidence in teammates like Adonal Foyle and Mike Dunleavy hit all time lows. Some freak injuries really hurt him and the Warriors this past season. Next season it all rests on Boom Dizzle.

DJ Fuzzylogic (Grade: B-)
I don't know what happened last season, but Boom Dizzle looked a lot like Will Smith in that one episode where he's the star of his high school team but continuously ball hogs and ignoring his teammates. Davis has the leadership skills to carry this team to the playoffs. Yet, he's clearly enigmatic: one day you'll get an MVP, then next day you get a better Stephan Marbury.

Fantasy Junkie (Grade: C)
I love the guy and he was an assists machine, but he failed to lead this squad to wins. Tack on the injuries and it was just a disappointing year. He was the reason for the high expectations this year, and so he's got to take some blame for the result of the season. His shot selection was poor and should be in better shape. There's no reason he shouldn't be beating defenders off the dribble almost every time on offense and causing havoc for the opposing D.

Hash (Grade: B)
Ouch. Well not really... Baron was a force out there this year. I just think back to the beginning of the season when in my mind the Boom Dizzle/JRich combo brought the Dubs into the post-season. Looking back on this vision, I can't in all rights give Baron an A. He's got the skills; he just needs to rise up to become a leader amongst the Warriors, much like we have seen JRich doing. If he can do this, trust me, we haven't seen anything from this one yet.

YaoButtaMing (Grade: B-) My hopes are riding on this guy, but it always seems as though he thinks more about himself then the team. How many times this year was the game on the line and he ignored his coach and team to take the final shot? He missed more then he won. Baron has the potential to lead this team deep into the playoffs, but he can't even get us there in the first place. I'm hoping he can step it up next year and prove us all wrong!

For more Baron analysis, check out eshock's diary: Mild Defense of Baron

Leave your grade for Baron in the comments section. Make sure to leave a vote as well.

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