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Golden State Robberies has a fun little poll on the Greatest Trade Robberies to hype up a forthcoming show on ESPN Classic aka the only ESPN channel you can catch a Warriors' playoff game! As expected the Warriors are on the poll. The Warriors have been robbed, but they've also done a little theft themselves:

  • Wilt "Kobe plus 19" Chamberlain to the Dubs instead of the Kansas City Kings because the Philly Warriors had his territorial rights
  • Robert Parish and Kevin McHale for Joe Barry Carroll and Rickey Brown in the ultimate what-could-have-been pillage of the Warriors

Two other Bay Area squads did some robbing as well:

  • The A's picked up the greatest closer of all time Dennis Eckersley for three players who never made the majors
  • The 49ers traded up in the 1984 draft to select the greatest football player of all time Jerry Rice

I'm too young to remember what Warriors Nation thought about the Joe Barry Carroll trade back in 1980. Was the Bay Area excited about the trade? Were the fans and local media in agreement with the organization? Please chime in if you're old and wise enough to remember. It's really fun to get a little history lesson from the GSoM community.

Also see loyal GSoM community member kirkkazas's (unfortunately) famous diaries Worst Warrior moves ever? and Unofficial Warriors LIST of worst NBA moves ever for an excellent run-through of Warriors' history

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