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Warriors 2k6-2k7 FSN Bay Area TV Schedule + Analyzing the Local TV Package

Two weeks back the NBA and the Warriors released their 2006-2007 season schedule. Earlier this week the Warriors' local television schedule on FSN Bay Area was announced. has a nice grid of the TV schedule.

I absolutely love the job FSN Bay Area does covering the Warriors. I miss Greg Papa, but Bob Fitzgerald has become a top play-by-play announcer. It's true that Jim Barnett is old school, but if you're a true hoops junkie you have to appreciate how much knowledge and passion he has for the game. Matt Steinmetz (who also writes some interesting columns for The Sporting News) was a good addition to the telecasts last year too.

Looking over the FSN Bay Area package here's my wish list:

  • 70 games will be televised on FSN leaving 9 games (3 games will be on National TV) strictly on radio. I'm not sure why they aren't televised. Despite the losing the Warriors have always been a pretty popular team in the Bay. Thank god Tim Roye does an excellent job on the radiocasts.
    I wish every Warrior game was televised.
  • 3 of the Warriors' final 9 contests will NOT be televised. If the Dub's are in still in the playoff hunt during the final month of the season, it's going to drive us all crazy that we can't watch it.
    I wish for the Warriors to be in the playoff hunt and FSN ends up broadcasting these games... in HD too!
  • These fun games won't be televised in the Bay: November 18th against the Sonics (win), December 17th in Toronto against the Craptors (win), March 4th at the Washington Warriors (always fun to see Arenas and Jamison), March 9th against the paperClips in Oakland (boo Sterling), April 4th at Houston (Why not televise Yao and TMac? Very puzzling omission), and April 15th against hopefully the KG-less TWolves.
    I wish for Warriors Nation to be extremely frustrated on April 15th because we can't watch KG get his revenge on his former team the TWolves as the Warriors look to clinch a higher seed in the playoffs.
  • 9 games will be on FSN+. Thanks to shady Comcast, this year FSN+ will only be available to digital subscribers, meaning those of you who fork over about $60+ a month on your monthly cable bill. That fine Comcast monopoly at work (sarcasm to the nth degree)! So for many of us who don't drop the $720+ a year on cable, we'll only be able to see 64 of the Warriors' 82 games (61 on FSN Bay Area plus the 3 national games provided they don't get dropped from ESPN or TNT). There's nothing "Comcastic" about that.
    I wish Comcast wasn't shady like oil companies.
  • Only 30 games will be in High Definition. The games look spectacular on HD. It's too bad every game isn't broadcast in HD.
    I wish I could see more BoomRich alley-oops in HD next season.

So basically and I'm sure all of you will agree- Give us more Warriors games on FSN Bay Area! In HD too! We love it like Adonal loves democracy!

What's your favorite part about the FSN Bay Area television coverage of the Warriors?

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