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Rumor: Warriors Back in Harrington Trade Talks

Al would bring some much-needed athleticism to the Warriors' frontcourt. [ photo]

We've all heard a lot of Warrior trade rumors this summer, but nothing has yet to materialize except for the Derek Fisher salary dump. Fantasy Junkie called it The Summer of Silence.

In case you haven't had enough Al Harrington to the Warriors rumors, here's another one from Eric Pincus of

It appears the proposed deal between the Indiana Pacers and Atlanta Hawks, sending forward Al Harrington back to Indiana, has hit a snag.? It's not clear what the specific issue is, but other teams are aggressively trying to get into the action. The most likely alternative to Indiana would appear to be the Golden State Warriors.? A multi-team trade has been discussed, though no specific timeline is apparent as of yet. The Los Angeles Lakers were said to have reentered the race, though they would seem to be a fallback option if a bigger deal cannot be reached. The proposed deal includes as many as three Western Conference teams, along with Atlanta.

Would you consider the Warriors' offseason a success if they managed to land Al Harrington?

More on Mr. Lipton:

99% of rumors never happen, but 99% of them are fun to talk about!

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