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REPORT CARD: Mike Montgomery

Mike Montgomery aka The Full Monty completed his 2nd year with the team with some rather undesirable results. 34 wins in back to back years. He must still think he's in college, because 34 wins in college is a bunch of wins. That's probably a deep run in the NCAA tourney. Alas, but this is not the college game, we're talking about our Golden State Warriors here. A coach is measured by the number of wins and losses he guides his team towards versus their expected number of wins and losses. And, quite frankly, the Warriors were well below the expected number. He's back for his third go-round, but I'm not sure if he'll complete the entire year.

This is how he will be remembered

Maybe they did get along. (Photo:

We need a real coach- someone to bust up a player's balls when needed

Overall Grade: F+

Atma Brother #1 (Grade: F)
Monty must have some naked pictures of Cohan that he doesn't want getting out, because there's absolutely no good reason why Monty should be coaching the Warriors again next season. The next time he makes an in game adjustment will be his first. Hint for Monty: Maples Pavilion was remodeled just last year and looks fabulous!

DJ Fuzzylogic (Grade: F)
Montomgery looked incredibly lost on sidelines during games and looked like the Refs owned him anytime he tried to say something. Although he had solid teams @ Stanford, his player development was always suspect to me (as I noticed firsthand from Stanford basketball camps!).

Fantasy Junkie (Grade: D)
He's got a long way to go, but how many games did we lose because guys missed free throws in critical moments? Probably close to 7 or 8. Coach can't make free throws. But he's clearly over his head and just helps prove that a great college coach does not make a good pro coach. Nice guy, can't do the job.

Hash (Grade: F)
Musselman is a tough act to follow. For what it's worth, Monty didn't even come close. One of the reasons that the Bay respected Muss so much is that he did what he thought was right in order to GET THE WIN. Forget the contracts and forget the egos. Play the best man for the job, even if it's the janitor. How long did it take him to bench Dun for his sub-par performance? Yea, now that I think about it, forget the NBA too, Monty.

YaoButtaMing (Grade: F) Sorry but you can't coach on the professional level. If you can't even gain the respect of your players get out of town. And not having the balls to reprimand Baron when he doesn't listen to orders ... then you already lost the team!

What's your grade for Monty and do you agree/disagree with us?
Will Monty finish the season as the Warriors coach this year?

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