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Al Harrington Fires His Agent... Warriors Nation Should Be Terrified!

It looks like Al Harrington has had it with his?agent who has still yet to finalize the long reported sign-and-trade with the Atlanta Hawks to the?Indiana Pacers. I'm not the least bit surprised that Harrington fired his agent. You knew Al needed a new agent when the man said the Warriors are "obviously a very stable executive group and organization."

So if there's still a chance that the Warriors could end up with Al Harrington, why should Warriors Nation be terrified?

Guess who's the odds on favorite to be Al Harrington's next agent?

Super-agent Arm Tellem aka Ashton Tellem. This is the same man who helped torture Warriors Nation by negotiating Mike Dunleavy's 44 million dollar extension. At the time Dunleavy was not even a restricted free agent, yet Tellem got the Warriors to ink him to a 5 year extension. In essence, Tellem got Chris and Rod to outbid against themselves for a player coming off a mediocre season who benefited big time from Baron's arrival. There was absolutely no need at the time to give Dunleavy that kind of lucrative long term deal, but Tellem convinced the Warriors that is was necessary. That's some serious negotiating talent.

Let's just say that if Chris Mullin was on MTV's Punk'd Arm Tellem would play Ashton Kutcher [image from wikipedia]

This is not the time for history to repeat itself. Al Harrington is not a top player, but you can bet your last cabarkapa that Tellem will find a way to get some team to panic and overpay. Pray that it isn't the Warriors.?

Are you worried about history repeating itself with "Ashton" Tellem, Al Harrington, and the Warriors?

Also see badnamedwarriorfan's Diary not dead yet... featuring this interesting lineup:

PG: Baron
SG: J Rich
SF: Maggette
PF: Harrington
C: Whoever (maybe foyle just for defense)

More on the Al Harrington to the Warriors saga:

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