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Done Deal (Hopefully): Al Harrington to the Pacers for a Future 1st Rounder

No seriously. Ric Bucher of ESPN The Magazine (come back to the Bay Ric!) is reporting that Al Harrington is going to the Pacers... again... for the 1,000th time this summer. The move looks a little Vice-Presidential as the Pacers are reportedly bringing back Al Harrington as well as center John Edwards. Hotlanta will be raking in a first-round pick and presumably the Pacers' $7.5 million trade exception, courtesy of the Hornets who succeeded in punking the Warriors. Harrington's contract is reportedly $36mil for 4 years, further exposing how ridiculous some of the recent Warrior deals really are (e.g. Mike Dunleavy 5 years 44 mil and Adonal Foyle 6 years at 42 million).

We've talk about the ramifications of the Harrington to the Pacers deal to death on GSoM (flip back through the archives). So here's a final period to the all the Al Harrington to the Warriors drama this summer.

I am hereby banning any Al Harrington talk on GSoM for the rest of the day (Hahaha, just kidding, you can talk about anything you want). Now to set our eyes on a bigger prize. Reuniting Mike Dunleavy with Daddy Dunleavy in La-La land and bringing Corey Maggette to the Warriors. All we can do is dream...

Who's Al Harrington?

If you're for some reason dying for more Al Harrington-to-the-Warriors talk:

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