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2005-2006 REPORT CARD: Chris Cohan and Robert Rowell

These report cards aren't only for the players, coaches, and general managers, we include the whole organization. Up next we have the owner Chris Cohan and the president, Robert Rowell. Often times we rip the players, the coaches, but not enough responsibility gets placed on the owner of the franchise. 12 years of losing. You've been the owner of the franchise with the longest current playoff drought. How can you do this to us loyal fans? The only constant across the entire streak has been the owner. Hint. Hint. Everything else has been swapped out, players have gone on to be All-Stars and contributors to winning teams, coaches have gone on to become successful at other places, so what does it take to get rid of the owner?

Cohan and Rowell talking about how they're going to extract more money from the fans. (Photo:

Dun and Cohan? (Photo:

Del at wrote a great article on why the Warriors are a bad investment

Cohan on the other hand strikes me more as the calculating logical owner who sees dollars returned and ROI when he looks at his players.  I can only imagine his blood pressure skyrockets every time he sees Adonal Foyle. The equivalent in a fans life would be driving a 1975 AMC Pacer and knowing you can't sell it for what you owe on it, and have 4 years of payments left. Ouch. Cohan,  a successful businessman, wealthy but not Mark Cuban, or Larry Ellison wealthy, leverages much of his fortune, takes out loans, and buys the team. Why?  Most of what is written about Cohan's motives all lead back to money as being what drives him.

Also, check out this article on bringing a team to San Jose and how Robert Rowell seems threatened and scared by the idea.

Unfortunately, no youtube clips of the clowns. On to the grades...

Overall Grade: F

Atma Brother #1 (Grade: F)
Clowns I tell you.

DJ Fuzzylogic (Grade: F)
The best thing in the Cohan era was landing the All-Star game in 99 and being the place where Vince Carter rejuvenated the dunk contest.  Other than that, Cohan and Rowell are the biggest swindlers in the NBA.

Fantasy Junkie (Grade: F)
The Cohan era has seen one playoff series, the first year he was here. So basically, it wasn't his team out there. 12 years in a row we've been in the lottery. Props to the Warrior fans for staying loyal to the franchise after so much losing. Now they're raising ticket prices? You'll get none of my money this year, I'm not going to any games I have to pay for.

Hash (Grade: F)
Cuban. We're waiting. You can crash at my place while you're searching for a place out here.

YaoButtaMing (Grade: F) If you can't make the playoffs for 12 years, then you do not deserve anything better then a big fat F, period!

What grade do you give the Warriors upper management, Cohan and Rowell, for last year?

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