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2005-2006 REPORT CARD: Adonal Foyle

We're coming down to the end of these report cards. With only 3 to go, Adonal Foyle is up. Mr. Block Machine. Mr. Stone Hands. Mr. Chris Mullin Thinks I'm Good? Mr. I Got PAID! Bad contract and all, we love the guy off the court, but on the's a different story.

Yea Adonal! That's what I'm talkin' bout. (Photo:

Ehhh...what's he doing? Looks like he dancing to the basketball gods. (Photo:

Oh my, oh my. I cannot stop laughing at this clip. Posted by: adonalmao

Overall Grade: D-

Atma Brother #1 (Grade: F)
Foyle is probably the worst offensive player in the league and an average defender at best. Adonal has virtually no upside and his game is declining fast. Well I guess it isn't a decline since he never was a good player. Over the years democracy has really mattered to Adonal, but working on his game hasn't. Did I mention he's a nice guy?

DJ Fuzzylogic (Grade: F)
When Mullin said that giving up Foyle to free agency would leave a glaring hole in the middle, my guess was that he probably meant defensively.  But by the way that this guy picks up fouls, he's practically invisible on both ends of the floor.  Foyle's biggest contribution to the Warriors franchise is being the Warriors representation on the NBA Read to Achieve programs.

Fantasy Junkie (Grade: D)
Not an F because he provided lots of funny highlights and pictures for soon-to-be posters. He's slow, has hands of stone, and has not improved since coming out of Colgate. Why he got the large extension is beyond me. Maybe Chris Mullin was seduced by Adonal's charm...ehhh maybe not.

Hash (Grade: F)

YaoButtaMing (Grade: B) Come on. What do you really expect? Your expectations are too high. I give him a C for heart and Compassion. It's good to have a player who can make their community a little better and not focus in on what bling bling they are wearing. I'm going to miss him.

What grade does Foyle deserve for his 2005-2006 season?

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