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Monty Out, Nelson In

This morning around 8:45am on the Murph and Mac show on KNBR, they reported that Coach Mike Montgomery and the Warriors have reached a buyout agreement, so Monty will no longer be the head coach of the Warriors. Mark Stein is reporting that Don Nelson is the next head coach. Check out the story

Don Nelson will be named as the new coach of the Golden State Warriors this week after the Warriors agreed to terms on a buyout with Mike Montgomery.

First, the old coach. Our report card for Monty (F+) showed our dissatisfaction for what he did the past year. I'm glad they got rid of him because he was not a good NBA head coach. He didn't seem to grasp the game, the substitutions, and seemed overmatched by the opposing coach. But he was a great college coach and nationally respected for that. I wish him the best of luck, in fact, he should go back to Stanford if he wants to coach again. I'd welcome him there.

Second, the new coach. Don Nelson? The last guy to take the Warriors to the promised land returns. Apparently the rift between Cohan and Nelson wasn't big enough to prevent Nelson from returning as coach. He's a big improvement over Monty as he's proven to be successful, but he's a definite short term solution. It's like a "stop the bleeding" solution to the Warriors coaching problems. They couldn't get rid of or acquire any players, so they made the next biggest move possible. The real question is his health. Will have the same burnout problem that he had in Dallas? Let's hope not.

Your new Warriors head coach? (Photo:

Do you think it was a good move to replace Monty with Nelson?

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