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One Million Reasons for Nellie to Take the Warriors to the Playoffs this Season

Janny Hu (check out our recent interview) for the SF Chronicle is reporting the details of Don Nelson's contract. Read this line OUT LOUD:

As part of the deal, Nelson will receive $1 million if the Warriors make the playoffs this season.

Simply marvelous! Absolutely amazing! FAB-YOU-LESS! Maybe Cohan (aka the worst owner in all of sports) is ready to actually give winning a serious try instead of just looting Warriors Nation. I never thought I'd say this, but props to Warriors owner Chris Cohan. This doesn't make up for 12 horrendous years, but it's a start.

Monty out, Nellie In- You heard it HERE on GSoM before any of the local newspapers and before tomorrow's press conference! (If you're a still little doubtful that Nellie is going to be the Warriors' new head coach by tomorrow, one of our friends within the organization basically confirmed it's true.)

I actually think the Warriors are going to start making noise and be a perenial playoff team in 2 seasons. They currently don't have enough talent to compete in the West. Nellie's a smart man too. He's knows when to tank it for a higher pick and the 2007 NBA Draft is loaded. However, he now has 1 million reasons to make the playoffs THIS season. Think Nellie and the Warriors will make the playoffs this season?

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