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Don Nelson Mania on the Web!


The Warriors are back on the map!


Nellie rocks the old school Warriors hoodies!


Nellie sippin' Hyphy Juice!


Nellie knows the draft!


Nellie has Warriors Nation seeing playoffs!


For the past 12 seasons the Warriors haven't been on the NBA map. 12 straight years of missing the playoffs in a league where over half the squads do, will make that sort of thing happen. Well, a little Nellie changes all that.

From the World Wide:

Marcus Thompson (see recent GSoM interview) for Contra Costa Times: Warriors replace Montgomery with old favorite Don Nelson

Nelson, second to Lenny Wilkens on the NBA all-time wins list with 1190 career victories, took the Chris Webber-led Warriors to a 50-32 record in 1993-94. They were swept in the first round of the playoffs by Charles Barkley and the Phoenix Suns, and haven't been back to the postseason since.
It seems like just yesterday the Warriors were in the playoffs... oh wait- no it doesn't! That was a LONG time ago.


Janny Hu (see recent GSoM interview) for SF Chronicle: Montgomery out, Nellie back in as Warriors blast back to the past

Nelson has agreed to an incentive-laden three-year contract that is worth up to $18 million, according to a source familiar with the negotiations. As part of the deal, Nelson will receive $1 million if the Warriors make the playoffs this season.
Have to love that $1 million bonus for the playoffs!


Tim Kawakami for SJ Mercury: Move signals Warriors' desperation: Montgomery out, Nelson back -- What is Mullin's Plan?

I understand hiring Nelson, even at 66, even after he walked away from his last few jobs (for health and other reasons). I get that Nelson can do more with an awkward lineup -- nobody's more awkward than Dunleavy and Murphy playing together! -- than anybody in the history of the NBA.
One major problem: the Warriors still have the worst frontcourt in the league with Mike Dunleavy, Troy Murphy, and Adonal Foyle.


Lang Whitaker for Slam: Nellie: Promiscuous Boy

It’s like the early ’90s all over again! The Warriors have a bunch of athletic guys on their roster, and Nellie will almost certainly employ the same run-n-gun show he’s installed throughout his career.
Warriors Nation loves the early 90's!


Ray Ratto for SF Chronicle: It's what's left for Warriors

We're not sure that Nelson will have a lot of power to start, but he has always been brilliant at filling a vacuum. He can, at least at the start, get the attention of players who had long ago turned Montgomery off for the very simple reason that they knew he had no power and would be eliminated the first time he ever considered exercising it.


Liz Robbins for The New York Times: At 66, Nelson Goes Back to the Bench

Will the current group — featuring point guard Baron Davis, Jason Richardson, Troy Murphy and Mike Dunleavy — be known as Run T-M-C-squared?... Montgomery’s firing had been rumored for more than a season. Two N.B.A. executives, who were granted anonymity because the hiring was not official, said the Warriors had been considering the move since late spring. Only since July did talks between the owner Chris Cohan and Mullin intensify.
Naw, we can come up with a better nickname than that!


Eric Gilmore for Contra Costa Times: Warriors fans should celebrate
When it comes to Xs and Os, it would be hard for the Warriors to find a coach who is better suited to lead this particular Warriors team.
Nelson is one the NBA's greatest masters of matchups.
This is a coach who had Manute Bol launching 3-point shots from the top of the key. He'll do anything at any time in order to get a favorable matchup.
Does this mean Foyle will be launching treys? UH-OH.


Marc Stein for Sources: Nelson to return to Warriors as coach
The past, sources say, has been sufficiently buried to clear the way for Nelson's return. That's largely because of Nelson's two-decade kinship with Warriors vice president Chris Mullin, who has been quietly pursuing Nelson's return for weeks.
Golden State's best kept secret.


Geoff Lepper for Inside Bay Nelson returns to coach Warriors: Golden State fires Montgomery after two poor seasons

"I'm happy for Nellie," Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said in e-mail. "I think this means that the Warriors will finally make the playoffs. Nellie is that good a coach."
If Mark Cuban bought the Warriors it would seal the deal!


Mark Kreidler for Golden State gig hasn't been a golden opportunity

In that sense, Mike Montgomery made out fine on Tuesday. Kicked to the curb by an organization working on its eighth coach in 11 calendar years, Montgomery leaves with a $5 million buyout, an almost impeccable record from his college years and, really, one blot: two seasons with the lousy Warriors. In a phrase: So what?
So, Warriors Nation now has hope!


Charley Rosen for Fox Sports: Thrill of Nelson's return to wear off quickly

The last time Nelson sat in the Warriors' command seat his teams played loose, undisciplined offenses that featured lots of isolations, and two-man situations. The only real structure that could be discerned was his best scorers basically playing 3-on-3 while the other two guys were double-parked above the 3-point line. The various 3-man combinations included Mullin-Tim Hardaway-Sarunas Marciulionis; Mullin-Latrell Sprewell-Chris Webber; and most famously Mullin-Hardaway-Mitch Richmond.
Was Nellie Ball entertaining? Absolutely.
Was it frivolous? For sure.
Was it effective? Not when the games counted — the Warriors collective playoff record in Nelson's tenure was a dismal 5-15.
Rosen always has razor sharp analysis. Honest question though: does the man ever crack a smile?


Greg Beachham for AP: Warriors drop Montgomery, re-hire Nelson

The move is curiously timed, since the club opens training camp in just five weeks in Oakland. Mullin, who played for Nelson throughout the coach's tenure, has been thought to be unhappy with Montgomery for most of the last two years, but the Warriors' top executive repeatedly stated Montgomery would return for the upcoming season.
Curious yes. Exciting? Like San Quinn- "HELLYEAH!"


Marty Burns for Step right up: Warriors should find respectability under Nelson

Don Nelson back with the Warriors? What's next? Latrell Sprewell and P.J. Carlesimo signing up as assistant coaches?
How about bringing back CWebb AND Spree? It's the only way to really end the curse!


J.E. Skeets for The Basketball Jones: 1.21 Gigawatts! Nelson Is Back

The dirty little secret in this deal is that Mike Montgomery got sent packing because of Chris Mullin’s own failings. Everyone expected Mullin to shake-up the team by changing over the roster. Clearly, that did not happen, so instead, Mullin looked to other parts of the organization and saw a perfect scapegoat in the form of Mike Montgomery. The fact that this move comes only days after Mullin lost out on dealing for Al Harrington cannot be ignored.


SwanShadow Thinks Out Loud: What's Up With That? #36: Deja voodoo

So, what — it's Old Home Week in Oaktown? Next thing you know, Reggie Jackson will be playing right field for the Athletics, and The Arena in Oakland will play headquarters to a hockey team called the California Golden Seals.


Chancelucky for Golden State Rehires Don Nelson After 12 Years

Psychologists sometimes encourage traumatized patients to "relive" the incident and work through it again. Perhaps this is what Cohan's up to. He's tried eight different coaches since Nelson and the team still plays as if they're jinxed. Nelson may be the only person on earth who has the counter-spell.


Garrett Wilson for Hoopsworld: Nellie Returns!!!

The dirty little secret in this deal is that Mike Montgomery got sent packing because of Chris Mullin’s own failings. Everyone expected Mullin to shake-up the team by changing over the roster. Clearly, that did not happen, so instead, Mullin looked to other parts of the organization and saw a perfect scapegoat in the form of Mike Montgomery. The fact that this move comes only days after Mullin lost out on dealing for Al Harrington cannot be ignored.


Jason Fleming for Hoopsworld (can't believe they charge for their content): Warriors Finally Make Right Decision

After a summer of nothing the Golden State Warriors decided to actually do something to get ready for the fall. Exit Mike Montgomery, enter Don Nelson. Instead of trying to do something they aren’t good at (defense), the Warriors are going to embrace what they really can do – score points.


Mike DeCourcy for The Sporting News: Call Montgomery wealthy, but don't call him a failure

It's pretty dreadful that Golden State waited until all of the good college jobs were gone -- even UTEP, for goodness' sake -- to move Montgomery out of the way. But then, the Warriors are expert at being dreadful. They're so accomplished in that category that anyone claiming now that Montgomery is another college coach who "failed" to make the transition to NBA ball is as thick as a McDonald's milkshake.


Dick Vitale for Montgomery still a great coach

There is no doubt in my mind we will eventually see Mike Montgomery back on the college sidelines. The big question is, where will that be? He took the Cardinal to the postseason since times in 18 yards, including 12 NCAA berths. He always did in a first-class way, and it adds up to someone making a call and putting him a big-time position.
You can bet that if an opening happens on the collegiate level, Mr. Montgomery will be at the top of many lists.
Great college coach. No question. Warriors and Head Coach Mike Montgomery Mutually Agree To Part Ways

"This is a very difficult day for me," said Mullin. "Mike is a terrific basketball coach who has enjoyed a great deal of success throughout his career. His accomplishments in this game are well-documented and, in addition to his resume, you would be challenged to find a better person with more character. He has an impeccable reputation both on and off the court and I have the utmost respect for him. Based on this agreement, we will now focus our efforts in a different direction and do what we think is in the best interest for this team. We thank Mike for his contributions and certainly wish him well."
Monty- come back to Stanford! More to come...


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