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Are you America's Next Biggest Warriors Fan?

There's a little less than a month to go on the deadline for the first ever Golden State of Mind Contest: America's Next Biggest Warriors Fan. Don't be shy! Make sure to send in your entry by SEPTEMBER 1st, 11:59pm PST. Everyone who participates will get a shout out on GSoM and there's fun prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place plus 5 runner ups. The 1st place winner walks away with this 18" Thunder Doll:

NO ONE will mess with you if this guy accompanies you in your daily travels!

All of the contest details are located here.The essays we've already received have been amazing and we can't wait to read everyone else's short essay on "Why I love the Warriors even though they've missed the playoffs for 12 straight seasons".

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