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NBA Changes Playoff Seeding + Implications for the Warriors

The 2006 NBA Playoffs were phenomenal in every way imaginable. Even if you were a fan of one of the Hypeless Losers of 2005-2006, you had to love all the drama. One of the only complaints (aside from Mark Cuban and Mav fans rightfully going crazy over DWade getting MJ treatment) was the illogical playoff seeding which resulted in #1 seed San Antonio Snores meeting up with #2 seed Dallas Mavericks in the 2nd round. Well, thanks to Mister Stern and company that's all fixed now. A #1 and #2 seed can only meet in the conference finals now.

So what does this have to do with the Warriors?

Unfortunately, absolutely nothing.

No Warriors Allowed?

When do you think the new playoff seeding format will actually affect the Dubs? 2k7? 2k8? 2k9? 2k10? 2kOneOne? 2kNever?

Cast your vote in the comments!

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