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Special shout out to and their cool Click and Roll section for well, giving Golden State of Mind and True Hoop a shout out in Don of a New Day? by Rob Peterson (scroll to bottom section "What the Blogs Say")! There's a CLASSIC Nellie picture that's worth clicking and rolling over there for.

Click and roll over to!

GSoM (formerly Golden State Warriors BLOG) has received a lot of love from some top notch spots like Slam magazine, True Hoop, HoopsHype, Deadspin, and (see Media Hype for GSoM) in our short 15+ months blogging the Warriors and the NBA. Thanks to all of those peoples and a big thank you to all of our loyal readers who have been with us since our infancy and who stuck with us when the Warriors were flat out unwatchable near the end of last season. It's a new era. The losing may continue for a little bit longer as the Warriors get this flawed roster straightened out, but it's going to be fun and watchable for a change.

There's plenty more left to come from Golden State of Mind! Look out for Nellie vs Nelly and Don Nelson Mania on the Web!- Part III (following up on the success of Part I and Part II). There's still two more 2005-2006 report cards to drop as well.

Don't forget to get your entry in for the first ever GSoM Contest: America's Next Biggest Warriors Fan by tomorrow! DJ Fuzzy Logic will give you several great reasons to participate if you haven't made up your mind yet.

Also, check out EXCLUSIVE: GSoM @ THE Press Conference for our live wrapup of last night's festivities.

Just curious, how long have you been reading the blog and participating in the Golden State of Mind community?

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