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Happy BlogDay!

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It's kind of like that Will I Am line in the bumpin' Too $hort and Snoop Dogg track "Keep Bouncing":

If we have a President's Day and a Veteran's Day- Let's have a BLOGGIN' HOLIDAY!

[Lyrics slightly modified for the family friendly GSoM community that we're all about]

From everyone at GSoM...

Happy BlogDay!

Shout out to Jeff Clark at CelticsBlog, J.E. Skeets at The Basketball Jones, TZ at Sactown Royalty, Ryan at HoopsAddict, and Sam at Slam for spreading the word in the hoops blogosphere.

What are some of your other favorite blogs?
Post your favs in the comments. Let's get a link party started. Drop a link to any and every blog that you think is hot.