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Rumor: Warriors Still Trying to Get Al Harrington

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From Mark Montieth of

Warriors back in hunt?
Golden State general manager Chris Mullin hopes that Al Harrington's decision to switch agents allows him to re-enter the picture.

Mullin, a teammate of Harrington's for two seasons with the Pacers, has reportedly offered forward Troy Murphy for Harrington in a sign-and-trade package with Atlanta.

"I'll be on the phone later today for sure," Mullin told the San Jose Mercury News on Wednesday. "If they (the Hawks) want to do a basketball deal, they can do a good deal where we can be as big a player as anybody."

The Pacers were regarded as the lone contender for Harrington before he fired agent Andy Miller and hired Arn Tellem.

Also, John Hollinger of The New York Sun posed this scenario for Al Harrington and the Warriors:

If not, another intriguing possibility is a three-way arrangement involving Golden State. The Warriors don't have the goods to get a deal done by themselves, but have a roster loaded with young players and could work a deal out if they sent cash and an expiring contract from another team to Atlanta. That might not be the Hawks' first choice, however, because they get more cap relief by dumping Edwards's contract in the Indiana trade. And ultimately, Atlanta can put the kibosh on any deal involving Harrington — which is exactly why he's been in limbo so long.

I don't know about everyone else, but it sure seems like a lot of drama for a player who will most likely never make an All Star team. Just goes to show you a) how weak this year's free agent class is and b) how weak the Warriors are at the Small Forward spot. I say just wait one year.

Would you move Troy Murphy and his double-doubles to get Al Harrington? Which young players would you be willing to part with for Mr. Lipton?

For more on the Mr. Lipton saga see:

99% of rumors never happen, but 99% of them are fun to talk about!

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