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Rumor: Chris Wilcox's Agent Pushing Warriors

From Percy Allen of The Seattle Times:

The Sonics, however, concluded that they were essentially bidding against themselves because only a handful of teams could offer Wilcox more than the maximum mid-level exception of five years and $30.2 million.

The two sides appeared to find common ground on a three-year deal. However, the Sonics continued to maintain that Wilcox is worth $6.6 million per season, and their offer is about $6 million less than his demands.

"A one-year deal, in our mind, is not a deal," Fried said. "One year, in our mind, left Chris with no alternatives."

Fried has urged the Sonics to consider sign-and-trade scenarios, including a deal with Golden State. Nothing has materialized, however.

What kind of plausible sign-and-trades can you put together to bring Wilcox to the Warriors?

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99% of rumors never happen, but 99% of them are fun to talk about!

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