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The Solution to the Warriors' Small Forward Woes... Vinsanity!

Whether you're a Mike Dunleavy fan or a Mickael Pietrus fan, there's no way around the fact that the Warriors really struggled at the Small Forward spot last season.The question now is what should they do about it.

I say wait one year. Why?

A former 1st round draft pick of the Warriors nearly 10 years ago can opt out of his contract after this season and become a free agent. This guy is half-man half-amazing. He solves ALL of the Warriors' Small Forward issues and could LAUNCH them back into the playoffs.

Who is this amazing swingman I am referring to?

vince carter olympic dunk.jpg


Some serious deep Tea-Bagging!

Vince: "How's the view down there?"

This looks like something only Thunder can do... with a trampoline.

Vince: "Play in the Bay? Man, that's a FANTASTIC idea! They don't feed the dogs people food there!"


Vince: "Can I play for the Warriors? Pretty please!"

Vince's old coach said 2 points is 2 points because he couldn't dunk. What do you think Monty would say about Vince's 2 points?

The thought of bringing Vinsanity to the Bay kind of brings a tear to your eye doesn't it?

Even Adam Morrison is teary-eyed about Vince in the Bay.

Actually, I think I'm crying because the Warriors drafted Vince Carter in 1998 and actually traded him away on draft day...

This one belongs in the rafters at the Arena!

And if our beloved Warriors can't find a way to bring the artist formerly known as Air Canada to the Warriors, then there's always plan B.

As long as he keeps drinking Sprite, Grant Hill only needs one ankle to be an All Star. Now THAT'S skill.

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