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REPORT CARD: Jason Richardson

We got Jason Richardson coming up next. You all know he was the heart and soul of this team. He's been stepping up his game every year so we're all excited to see what he's got in store this year. His only weakness last year was his free throw shooting, but he really improved his shooting from the field, especially from 3. So, I expect him to work on his free throws this off season and up his game to the next level.



Ahhh, good times...

Jason Richardson Mix by nes1us

J-Rich Mix by pacmanik

Overall Grade: A

Atma Brother #1 (Grade: A+)
For many parts of the season Jason was the only reason to watch the Warriors. Can't knock the hustle!  2005-2006 season was his coming out party offensively. Let's hope in 2006-2007 he breaks out as a defensive force. Unlike the clowns, he's a real man.

DJ Fuzzylogic (Grade: A+)
I curved my grades for the team since it would be unfair for no Warrior to receive an A (as if not having an All-Star for the umpteenth time wasn't bad enough...gotta cut em some slack somewhere, right?).  There has been much debate about JRich's worth lately.  Is he just a rising superstar because he's on a bad team?  Is he just the next Michael Finley?  Aren't scoring swingmen the most ubiquitous in the NBA?  Well, whatever he's worth, I think he was the most important, if not most valuable, Warrior last season.  Jrich came back with a new arsenal of moves (particularly notable a drive, spin fadeaway) in addition to his electrifying dunks; he put up career highs in pts and shooting and 3pt shooting %.  Although his handles are not quite ideal for a 2-guard, he has greatly improved over the years at Golden State.   Usually resorting to jumpers, Jrich has also tried to have a more balanced attack taking it strong to the hole; worth noting is that he avg. 5.5 freethrows a game.  Now if he could only make his freethrows...

Fantasy Junkie (Grade: A)
I absolutely love his game. At the end of the year, he started to emerge as a dual threat with his driving and finishing ability combined with a much improved jumper. On top of that, he learned how to be the leader and carry the team. He gave his all every single time he stepped on the court. A true Warrior, just work on those free throws.

Hash (Grade: A)
The embodiment of a Warrior. JRich not only shouldered way more than his load this season, he showed a lot of leadership traits. Namely playing injured and publicly blaming himself for losses. While none of us here in Warriors Nation can blame JRich for anything less than constant explosiveness, his attitude this season may very well lead him to emerge as the solid leader that this squad so desperately needs.

YaoButtaMing (Grade: A-) The only reason I'm not giving him an A is the fact that he is not a Wade or a Kobe yet. He could be. With a little more time and practice I want Jason to turn into the elite player he can be. Someone all teams should fear. He isn't there yet, but he will be! I can't give anyone an A who doesn't make the all-star team.

What's your grade for JRich?

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