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KG Loves India?! We Love KG!!

I'm going to be brutally honest with all of you. I can't play basketball. Okay, that's an unfair statement really, I CAN play basketball, I just can't play it well. My friends used to call my shot "The Two Handed Heave", and even I would stand back in wonderment whenever it went in. Hell I'd do a triumphant fist pump whenever I hit the backboard!

I've ran through a myriad of reasons as to my crappiness at the game, but at the end of the day, it simply comes down to the fact that I probably don't play enough. As a supporting clause to this argument, I need to refer no further than to my ever growing beer belly.

But as I eliminated other reasons, I did run through the old, "Maybe it's because I'm Indian." Of course, this got dismissed rather quickly as I played with some of my other Indian friends and got my ass gift-wrapped and handed to me. So there we are. South Asians CAN play basketball. This in turn left me with the lingering question, "Why aren't there many (any?) South Asian players in the NBA?!" Is there some correlation between spicy food and vertical leap ability? Have they boycotted the league due to the low chutney content in the official NBA food sponsors? Is it simply a lack of confidence? Does anyone out there think that we could make it in the league?!

One man does.

KG's last appearance on the MTV show, "Cribs".

That's right baby! After a recent trip to India, KG himself is encouraging Indians to get out and start practicing. According to Garnett:

"...India can establish itself as a basketball power if the nation's youth can adopt a similar passion for the game that has paid dividends in neighboring China."
Can you imagine it? Jerseys with names like, "Patel", "Rao", and "Balasubramanium"?! Hells yea. I'll tell you what; I'd invest heavily in the life-long training of a young Indian child to get him into the NBA just so I can listen to Bill Walton try to pronounce the name "Balasubramanium". It would be worth every last cent.

Here in the Bay Area, we celebrate a huge South Asian population. I say we band together and reciprocate KG's love for India by openly welcoming him to come and join our Warriors. Let us make offerings unto him of Idli and Sambar, Roti, and of course, Paneer. Let us adorn him in the finest of our Indian silks and replace his earrings and rings with fine 22-carat Indian gold.

Break off those Minnesotan shackles, Kevin. Come to a place where Indians will love you as much as you love them. Come to Warriors Nation. Clearly, this is where you belong.

Perhaps one day your vision will come true. Perhaps on day we will see a Warrior sporting, "Singh" on the back of his jersey as he jogs onto the Arena floor. In the meanwhile, all of us here in the Bay will settle for another name.

- Kevin Garnett's Blog

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