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Rumor: Warriors Haven't Made a Sign-and-Trade Offer for Chris Wilcox

From Gary Washburn of

A sign-and-trade is a long shot. The Sonics have apparently received just one concrete deal and they quickly rejected Phoenix's package that included aging veteran center Kurt Thomas and the $16.3 million remaining on the final two years of his contract.

The Golden State Warriors also appear interested in Wilcox, but have yet to make the Sonics a sign-and-trade offer.

I'm guessing that the Sonics want Troy Murphy given their GM's earlier ridiculous proclamation that they expect an All Star forward in return for a sign-and-trade with Chris Wilcox. Troy's not an All Star, but he's a decent power forward; just a bad fit alongside Mike Dunleavy and Adonal Foyle. If that's true, then the Warriors are dead on here. Troy Murphy for Chris Wilcox is not a wise move. T-Double has proved that he can live up to his nickname with his 14 and 10 average. On the other hand, Wilcox is far from a sure thing. Before averaging 14 and 8 in 29 games with the Sonics last season Wilcox was averaging less than 5 points and 4 points with the Clips in 2005-2006. At least you know exactly what you're going to get from TMurph.

What kind of sign-and-trade offers for Chris Wilcox do you think make sense for the Warriors and (hopefully soon-to-be San Jose) Sonics? Or do you think the Warriors should make this restricted free agent an offer and see if the Sonics match?

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99% of rumors never happen, but 99% of them are fun to talk about!

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