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FIBA 2006: Warriors World Championships

Just because Baron Davis and Jason Richardson (BoomRich) were inexplicably not invited to the Team USA tryouts doesn't mean that the Warriors aren't well represented on the FIBA scene this summer.

Mickael Pietrus will be reppin' France!

Ikechukwa Somotochukwa Diogu (love that name!) will play the role of Nigerian Nightmare!

Recently drafted Kosta Perovic aka Kosta Coast (nickname coined here at GSoM!) will be rocking the Serbia and Montenegro threads!

Who wants a player or two on the USA team when you can have the international trifecta?

Check out for a full list of NBA players holding it down for their countries. Zarko Cabarkapa is actually listed on the Serbia and Montenegro roster on the FIBA 2006 site, but not on's list. Part of me is worried that it's some kind of cruel joke on the Zark-man where the league is saying he isn't a real NBA player.

This year's FIBA Championship is in Japan, so the games are going to be at some odd times of the day for us folk on PST and will be tough to keep track of. Make sure to post whatever you can find about how MP2, Ike, or Kosta Coast play in the tourney in a Diary. Definitely feel free to start discussions about anything else interesting that you might notice in the tourney. Extra credit for anyone who can uncover the story for the Zarko milk carton.

This is easily one of the flyest hoops posters to ever drop!

Which Warrior do you think will have the best run in the FIBA tourney?

Keep it locked on Golden State of Mind for FIBA 2k6 coverage so phat that it makes sumo wrestlers look skinny!

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