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Bonzi Still Needs a Home

Bonzi Wells
Bonzi: "PAY ME!"
  Coming off a wildly impressive playoff series in which he dominated the San Antonio Snores, Bonzi Wells probably thought it was going to be easy to ink a long-term, lucrative contract. Things haven't gone according to plan and the Sacramento Kings, despite Ron Artest's plea, don't look like they're going to resign Bonzi. He also gave his agent the pink slip. It's pretty shocking that Bonzi is having such a difficult time this offseason finding a home.

Bonzi Wells would be a great addition to the Warriors. A combination of Baron, JRich, and Bonzi would do some serious damage. Team post-up Bonzi in a lineup with Troy Murphy and the Warriors could create some serious mismatches. Bonzi's incredible rebounding skills are a necessity for Nellieball as well.

Do you want the Warriors to bring the Banzai Tree to the arena?

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