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BREAKING NEWS: Warriors Bring in Coach Silas

You heard it here first when the Warriors brought back Don Nelson. Here's another one about the ever-interesting Warriors coaching carousel-- the Warriors are bringing in Coach Silas.

Coach Poppa Silas: "Hahaha, not me- my son."

Here's a little bit of Stephen Silas' resume from the press release:

Silas, 33, arrives in Oakland with five years of NBA coaching experience after spending two seasons on the bench with the Cleveland Cavaliers and three seasons with the New Orleans/Charlotte Hornets, having worked on the coaching staff of his father, Paul Silas, with both teams. He spent the 2003-04 and 2004-05 seasons as an assistant coach for the Cavaliers, where he was charged with individual skill work, player development, game preparation, pregame walkthroughs as well as managing and developing technology and NBA scouting systems for the coaching staff.

Be honest- you thought they hired Jamie Foxx from Collateral when you first saw this pic!

Nellie's obviously Da Man right now as far as Warriors head coaches go, but who do you think is being groomed as the replacement?

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