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Hollinger on Warriors at Worlds

John Hollinger in World report: NBA talent earns mixed reviews for recently dropped a quick line about about the Warriors in this past FIBA tourney aka Warriors World Championships:

Kosta Perovic, Warriors -- Didn't see much action (25 minutes) for Serbia-Montenegro and didn't build a case for more extended play.
Mickael Pietrus, Warriors -- Should have played for the U.S. in Athens. He tried 31 3-pointers and made six of them en route to a ghastly 24.2 percent shooting performance for France.

Isn't that something? The Warriors earn rave reviews in the states and overseas!

By the way Fantasy Junkie and I managed to cop those fly FIBA posters after some good old $83.23 of international shipping fees. Now that's love for the game.

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