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OPEN THREAD: NFL Week 2- Picks & Posts

Week 1 for GSoF resulted in 2 L's. One was a moral victory (49ers losing by 7 in a pretty fun game) and the other was just morally wrong (Raiders need a new offensive coach... maybe Don Nelson?).

The GSoM community knows the football better than Bo Jackson. Last week I was a respectable 8-7, but that's nothing compared to longtime GSoM community member DaAzNJRiCh who went 11-4! This is the same guy who said "Not a football guy All of these are guesses cuz I don't know anything about football." Props to DaAzNJRiCh the "modest assassin"! Let's see if DaAzNJRiCh can pull it off again in Week 2.

Also shout out to R Dizzle, YaoButtaMing, shrug, and djchuckdeez for going 10-5.

On to Week 2 in the... National... Football... League.

Bank on this going down:

Week 2 Matchup
Buffalo (0-1) @
Miami (1-0)
Look for Culpepper to bounce back.
Carolina (0-1) @
Minnesota (1-0)
Carolina will bounce back.
Cleveland (0-1) @
Cincinnati (1-0)
The only question is what TD celebration does Chad Johnson have planned?
Detroit (0-1) @
Hide the kids! This is going to be an ugly, ugly game.
Houston (0-1) @
Indianapolis (1-0)
This is like a preseason game for the Colts.
New Orleans (1-0) @
Green Bay (0-1)
Look for Reggie Bush to cash in against the pathetic Packers.
NY Giants (0-1) @
Philadelphia (1-0)
McNabb looks sharp again and Stallworth was a great pickup. The NFC East goes through Philly.
Tampa Bay (0-1) @
Atlanta (1-0)
The Bucs are better than they played last week and the Falcons aren't as good as they played last week.
Arizona (1-0) @
Seattle (1-0)
Fitzgerald and Boldin are unstoppable, but the problem is Warner is very stoppable.
Kansas City (0-1) @
Denver (0-1)
Classic AFC West battle. It's going to be won on the ground or lost in the air.
New England (1-0) @
NY Jets (1-0)
The 49ers already regret trading away Barlow- a year later than they should have.
Tennessee (0-1) @
San Diego (1-0)
Sun Diego D. Shout out to UCSD- Forget the Titans. Remember the Tritons!
Washington (0-1) @
Dallas (0-1)
Here's comes a lot of annoying NFC East hype on Sunday night.
Pittsburgh (1-0) @
Jacksonville (1-0)
A tough defensive battle.

I say one win for Yay Area football this week. The 49ers should be able to handle the Rams at home, but the Raiders need to get a new offensive assistant coach like a Charger fan in the Black Hole needs a few security guards:

Golden State of Football
St. Louis (1-0) @
San Francisco (0-1)
A high scoring first W for the home opener!
Oakland (0-1) @
Baltimore (1-0)
Things could get ugly fast for the Raiders... fast as in last Monday.

What are your predictions for the 2nd week of NFL action? Most importantly, how about for GSoF (the Gold Rush 49ers and the Black Hole Raiders)?
Make sure to post your predictions in the comments section and vote on the Bay squads before kickoff Sunday at 10am.

Copy and paste this into the comments with your picks filled in:

Team 1 @ Team 2: Prediction
Buffalo @ Miami:
Carolina @ Minnesota:
Cleveland @ Cincinnati:
Detroit @ Chicago:
Houston @ Indianapolis:
New Orleans @ Green Bay:
NY Giants @ Philadelphia:
Tampa Bay @ Atlanta:
Arizona @ Seattle:
Kansas City @ Denver:
New England @ NY Jets:
Tennessee @ San Diego:
Washington @ Dallas:
Pittsburgh @ Jacksonville:
St. Louis @ San Francisco:
Oakland @ Baltimore:

Just like we do in the regular season for Warrior games: If you're watching or listening to the NFL games and are near a computer, this is the spot to showcase your knowledge and post your thoughts.

Whoever picks the most Week 2 winners will get some serious GSoM fame in Week 3's Picks & Posts. It could be you! If we get enough comments, we can also do a NFL Week 2 quote of the week. It could be you! Pick & post.

GSoM NFL YouTube Clip of the Week:

(#16 on Humm-Baby's Top 30 Bay Area sports YouTube clips)

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