Baron Davis: Miracle or Mirage?!

It's nearly unanimous on GSoM that the key to the GSW 06-07 campaign is the play of our point guard, Baron Davis. It's been the opinion here that BD has lacked the leadership necessary to bring the Warriors to the playoffs, others cited his injury problems, shot selection, defense etc.

Regardless the best news new coach Don Nelson could ask for may have arrived via an interview with the SJMerc in which Baron is quoted to have praised Nellie's work with Nash and Hardaway and "wants to play for Coach so bad because I know that once we get on the court, it's going to be wide open." Even more to the point, despite Nelson's calling out BD publicly for getting in better shape, Davis said, "When I hit the court, I'm going to be the hardest-working dude on the court."

Davis has the ability to dominate a game, has the ability to make teammates better, and has the ability to take the Warriors to the playoffs. Now he's publicly committing himself to the new coach and his program which he had not done heretofore. Is this authentic? If so, there can be no doubt whatsoever that the Montgomery-Nelson change was a stroke of luck (that Nelson was available and willing) that may change GS fortunes.

However, if the Warriors make the playoffs they will drop in the 2007 Draft, with Ogden as the biggest prize and potential "francise player" of the future.

Are there any of you would rather see the Woes have just one more dismal season in order to secure the most ping-pong balls next spring and secure the future of the franchise?! Is it even a thought?!

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