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HOT or NOT? : Nike LeBron IV's in Black

The famous Nike Air Jordan line runs 21 deep with some of the flyest kicks of all time. Nike has been desperately trying to push LeBron James as the marketing successor to Michael "Air" Jordan with the heavily hyped L23/ King James shoe and clothing line. In trying to push a rugged, light, swingman shoe, Nike has had some fairly awkward designs. Here's a review of the first three Nike LeBron's (photos:

LeBron I's: Nike Zoom Generation
At least these Hummer-inspired kicks don't guzzle gas.
Nike Zoom LeBron II
These look too heavy to be part of the Zoom line.
Nike Zoom LeBron III
Just a very strange design.

Thanks to Sole Redemption here's a sneak peak at the unreleased Nike LeBron IV's in Black:

Sturdy, stylish, innovative design or cheap plastic with suede trim?

Are you feeling this year's LeBron's?
Cast your vote in the comments and post your fashion thoughts.

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