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The Nellie-BD Relationship

At the Marin Independent Journal, Dave del Grande (how did he get there?), writes about the future relationship between Nellie and Baron.

If you're looking for friction between Nelson and Davis, forget about it. Nelson is a point guard's best friend. You think getting along with Tim Hardaway was easy?

And if you're looking for friction between Davis and teammates who don't enjoy watching him jack up 20 shots a night, that's not likely, either. A Nelson offense tends to keep everyone happy -- just ask Mitch Richmond, Chris Mullin and Manute Bol.

Honestly, I think all of the worries about Baron willing to play Nellie's style are overexaggerated. I'm going to give Baron the benefit of the doubt. If he starts to undermine Nellie, then he should be criticized, but until then I feel that Baron's going to love playing for Nellie.

Also check out JB's community discussion piece, "Baron Davis: Miracle or Mirage?!"

In it, JB writes about an interview with Baron and his excitement playing for Nellie.

Regardless the best news new coach Don Nelson could ask for may have arrived via an interview with the SJMerc in which Baron is quoted to have praised Nellie's work with Nash and Hardaway and "wants to play for Coach so bad because I know that once we get on the court, it's going to be wide open." Even more to the point, despite Nelson's calling out BD publicly for getting in better shape, Davis said, "When I hit the court, I'm going to be the hardest-working dude on the court."

I thought this was great to hear. Baron is hyped to play for Nellie and knows that under Nelson, he could have one of his best years. If the Warriors make the playoffs, outside of Nelson, Baron will be a major reason and he knows this. It's time for him to deliver on his tremendous talent.

Will Baron be the All-Star caliber guard he's capable of being?

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