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A little more Nellie

The Boston Globe actually covering the Warriors? A major East Coast paper covering a team that hasn't made the playoffs in 12 years? It can't be true. The only thing that could have spawned this is the hiring of Don Nelson. So enjoy the read, "Golden State puts its faith in Nelson". It's nice to get a different perspective on the Nelson situation from someone outside of the local area.

``I really felt Mully wanted me and I really felt he needed me to come," Nelson said Friday, a fortnight after being announced as the new boss (same as the old boss?) of the NBA's most pathetic franchise. ``I have a tremendous bond with Chris Mullin. And this is a pretty special place. I had Mully calling me. I had Mitch [Richmond, a special assistant] calling me. I had Higgy [Rod Higgins, the general manager] calling me, all telling me I should come. So here I am."
I love how we're the NBA's most pathetic franchise. It's hard to argue with, but geez, wasn't it just recently that the Clippers held that title?

``I knew I did not want to take over a team in the middle of the season, and I'm thinking there might be a few opportunities to do that this season. I wanted to have a team in training camp."

This is quite interesting. I wonder which teams he's talking about.

And he sees the oft-petulant Baron Davis as the big winner in all of this.

``If he stays healthy, in my system, I don't see how he can fail," Nellie said. ``He really is going to enjoy playing this way. But he also has to stay healthy."

If Baron stays healthy, will we make the playoffs?

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