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O'Bryant, Diogu and Biedrins: Wasted Lottery Picks?

In his Talking Points Tim Kawakami (check out our recent Q&A Part I | Part II) does some great meta-analysis of Don Nelson's recent interviews (see Nelson ready to shake up the Warrior) and Don Nelson Mania on the Web! (Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV). Tim's final verdict:

Forget about O’Bryant as a Warrior.

Worry about Diogu as a Warrior.

And be concerned about Biedrins.

It's tough to really comment on how POB is going to pan out in Nellie's system or in the NBA as he's never seen a single minute of NBA action. From the scouting reports on him and his recent summer league performance it doesn't look so hot though.

I was actually pretty impressed with Ike's shooting touch and range last season. He's a legit jump shooter inside the arc. Nellie will like Ike. If there's anyone who can pull off a lineup of BD, Monta, JRich, Ike, and TMurph, it's Don Nelson. It would be fun to watch.

Biedrins- well, you have to think he's the first guy Nellie trades away or benches. Adonal and his extra 27 pounds would go first, but with that great contract he's probably found himself a nice permanent home in the Bay. Biedrins just doesn't look like a Nellie type of player at all. His game is far from fluid and when he's not fouling out of games he either looks lost or clumsy. Great attitude and energy, but very little skill or progress at this stage of his career.


Do you think the Warriors wasted their past 3 lottery picks on guys who don't fit Nellie's game plan? Everyone has been discussing what Nellie will do for BD, Murphy, Dunleavy, and Pietrus, but there really hasn't been enough about POB, Ike, and Biedrins. Drop some knowledge in the comments section.

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