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Mickael Pietrus all about the D in FIBA Interview

Mickael Pietrus easily gives the most entertaining post game interviews on FSN Bay Area out of all the Warrior players. He's always so energetic and gives props to his teammates while speaking faster than he can take it to the hole.

In MP2's recent FIBA interview he brought his all-interview A-game once again. This line in particular is very encouraging for Warriors Nation:

Defense is what we always have. Our offense may not always work according to plan, but as long as we can stop our opponents, we have a chance to win games. We are lucky to have players who are willing to play tough defense and I hope we remember that we won this game by stopping Angola rather than by executing perfectly at the offensive end.
Let's hope Pietrus brings that tough defensive mindset back to the Bay next season. He's a pleasure to watch when he decides to clamp down on an opponent. Mickael has the skills and ability to be a great lockdown defender. Here's hoping that Nellie and crew help him cultivate that stopper role on the team next season.

Gotta love the enthusiasm!

Do you think Mickael Pietrus will ever be a great, shut-down defender in the NBA?

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